The WindMill Hill History Site

This is the online historical archive of Windmill Hill City Farm, South Bristol, UK.


Created in the 1970′s thanks to the efforts of volunteers, the farm has been a vital hub for the south Bristol community ever since.

This history site is a place to add and catalogue words and pictures from the farms history.

The Windmills of Time blog is now live and tracks the latest in farm history and community arts:

The Heritage Farm Tales blog contains a wealth of stories and personal experiences from farm staff, volunteers and visitors throughout the farm’s history. Take a look at the link below.

The Farm Tales blog is an excellent view into a community arts project run from the farm:

Also worth a look:-

A Remarkable Corner of Bristol

Lawrence Westland

A digital story detailing the history of Windmill Hill City Farm and how important it is to the wider Bristol Community and beyond. Created by Bristol Stories


The History Boards

As part of the Farm Tales project in 2013, information boards were created to provide the history of the farm to all its visitors. These boards can be seen at the farm now but the story is also here. Click on any of the boards to be taken to the full story.


The farm in a decade

The 1970's

The 1970’s

The 1980's
The 1980’s

The 1990's

The 1990’s

The 2000's

The 2000’s

Each image is a link to a page that contains photographs from the farm as well as any information we have about them.

If you have anything you would like to add, please send your contributions to:

Anita MacCallum at :